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Bachelor Degree-Engineering (B.E.)
Work Experience
10-11 years years
English Language Level
Very Good
Maximum Age
Computer Skills Level
Very Good
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Job Description

He will be responsible for ensuring that all the hydraulic components will work as per the expected purpose. His responsibilities include dealing with the control and flow of fluids and principles to deal with the problems related to storage, collection, transportation, control, regulation, etc. He should have a very good experience using software programs related to hydrologic modeling and data analysis to make his work more easier. He will basically deals analyzing the hydraulic structures and conducting the hydrologic analysis, designing structures, leading and supporting the relevant tasks, etc. To prepare rough cost estimates that would include the cost of the equipment, material as well as the labor cost that is required to complete the project within the given deadline To lead, direct, and supervise the staff members and to ensure that all the activities at the actual site are being managed and carried out effectively. To ensure that all the project specifications have been met and that all the safety and sanitation measures have been taken care of.

Special Skills & Knowledge

To identify the technical or any other issues, resolve them, and to prepare the reports related to various proposals, deeds, etc. He should ensures that the work performed is complete and accurate and that it adheres by the drawing specifications and standards. He should develops and maintains proficiency and competency in all areas of hydrologic and hydraulic designing and analysis.

Other Requirments

01 Year Contract