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Job Summary

Number Of Positions
Bachelor Degree-Science (B.S.)
Work Experience
11-12 years years
English Language Level
Very Good
Maximum Age
Computer Skills Level
Very Good
Job Opening Id
Job Location
Saudi Arabia
Target Date

Job Description

Carry out safely routine field jobs as per schedule in full compliance with EHSS (SHEM Procedure). Identify maintenance jobs; carry out a safe hand over jobs and tasks are completed and housekeeping is in order before closing work permits. Coordinate with the DCS for Plant activities. Ensure field log sheets are recorded and countersign accordingly. Observe equipment conditions for any changes in sound, leaks or other abnormality; and, inform the DCS Operator, Lead Operator and shift supervisor. Check the assigned area carefully to ensure that all maintenance jobs are completed; that everything is in order for safe Start-up; and, report to the DCS Senior Operator and Shift Supervisor. Handle emergency situations and take necessary action to ensure safety and reliability. Maintain equipment and the urea under control in a safe operable condition and identify all reliability issues. Complete the start-up/safety checklist as per schedule as and when required. Have complete knowledge of EHSS and Plant KPI and implement them. Maintain professional plant housekeeping. Collect and deliver lab samples on time. Ensure the electrical lock is off and tag as required.

Special Skills & Knowledge

Computer literate proficient in Microsoft Office and Good in English communication (Oral & written)

Other Requirments

Knowledge of urea Plant process, Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) & Safety procedures/ SHEM standard. 01 Year Contract