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Job Summary

Number Of Positions
Bachelor Degree-Science (B.S.)
Work Experience
5-6 years years
English Language Level
Very Good
Maximum Age
Computer Skills Level
Very Good
Job Opening Id
Job Location
Saudi Arabia
Target Date

Job Description

1.Ensure compliance with SABIC SHEMS-12 Standard with full compliance with implementation as well as documentation. 2.Coordinate various activities for implementation of Industrial Hygiene monitoring Program to ensure working are safe such as (chemical Exposure Monitoring, Heat stress etc). 3.Develop, review, implement and update Industrial Hygiene procedures as per SHEMS as well as labor law requirements. 4.Carry out Industrial Hygiene studies / audits to improve work environment compliance. Perform contractor’s technical evaluation for contractors whom providing Industrial Hygiene services. 5.Carry out Incident Investigation related to health. Evaluate, develop and conduct Industrial Hygiene training program for all employees and related contractors to minimize risk of accident related to Industrial Hygiene

Special Skills & Knowledge

Develop, implement and update IH procedures as per SHEM’s standard to minimize risks and meet statutory requirements and understand the risk management system. Develop, plan, design and deliver theoretical and practical training of employees/Contractors in the health hazards associated with chemicals and working atmosphere in order to educate employees in how to identify risk related to health and take appropriate steps to control it. Carry out investigations to industrial hygiene related incidents, make recommendation for prevent reoccurrence, & participate in audits addressing industrial hygiene issues to ensure a healthy working environment. Participate /review PHA, MOC, SAFER and Risk assessment studies and ensure all health issues are address and implement recommendations. Developing industrial hygiene instructions and develops methods for workplace monitoring as well as monitor the worksite using technical instrumentation to gather data for analysis and interprets results. Carry out study to improve work environment from Industrial Hygiene point of you for the existing facility. Review all reports for Industrial Hygiene monitoring, and Maintain records for all samples collected and analyze them to determine area for improvement. Maintain records for all samples collected, track and analyze these to determine any health issue in the work area and identify trends for abnormality. Conduct SABIC SHEMS Self as well as internal audit and close all findings related to implementation and documentation also close all findings related to any audit for Industrial Hygiene. Carry out Industrial Hygiene audits of all company facilities with a view to identifying and highlighting unsafe conditions and behavior. Establish an action program to priorities and mitigate all health problems with coordination of the clinic.

Other Requirments

Presentation skills Speaking, writing and reading English skills. Reporting skills. Computer Skills. Knowledge and concepts of (SABIC SHEMS-12) System Knowledge about Health Assessment Management. Knowledge about incident investigation, Risk analysis. Knowledge about OSHAS 18001 requirement. 02 Years Contract