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Job Summary

Number Of Positions
Technical Diploma or experience equivalent
Work Experience
15 years
English Language Level
Very Good
Maximum Age
Computer Skills Level
Very Good
Job Opening Id
Job Location
Yanbu - KSA
Target Date

Job Description

a) Receives work, including job instructions, loop diagrams: and calibration sheets: from Instrument Foreman/Supervisor_ Assembles appropriate tools: equipment, materials an safety gear: visits site to assess major jobs and contacts Operations technicians to establish circumstances or breakdown or clarify fault details.

b) Troubleshoots faults on electronic: pneumatic, and hydraulic instruments and systems. Checks individual Instruments, tests loops: inspects interfaces between pneumatic and electronic data transmission and measuring devices: and determines best method of repair. Refers to loop sheet: manufacturers' manuals and other technical documentation as necessary, and reports action taken or required to Instrument Foreman/Supervisor.

c) Carries out skilled repair work on instrumentation and systems. Removes faulty instruments and Installs replacements; checks loop circuits by simulated signals; replaces defective elements such as connections: transmitters: thermocouples and Printed Circuit Boards PCBs); sets safety mechanisms; and observes function of repaired or replaced instruments and loops. Notes details of repair on work order and/or in log book kept at field site as applicable.

d) Undertakes workshop testing, repair and reconditioning of instruments: including control valves: using tools and testing equipment such as temperature bath: soldering iron: oscilloscope and digital test meter: and Installs new: repaired or modified instruments and loops. Disassembles component parts: replaces worn

Special Skills & Knowledge

- Observes all safety and loss prevention procedures,

- Writes PCARs carries out JSAs, and exercise good housekeeping practices

- Keeping workshop and job sites clean and tidy.

- Obtains required work permits and exercises particular care and attention in ensuring that instruments and loops are disconnected prior to repair.

- Performs other similar or related duties such as reporting job completion and any problems encountered to supervisor

- Obtaining materials: special tools and spare parts from warehouse, suggesting possible minor design changes to eliminate repetitive faults

- Cooperating with contracted technicians during shutdowns, assisting other technician m multi-craft work: and working on after or night shifts as assigned Participate in preparing function test procedures as required.

Other Requirments

- Defective parts and circuitry, checks and adjusts calibrations

- Installs or modifies loops and impulse lines

- Connects and fixes Indicators, controllers and carries out calibration and function tests on instruments and associated recorders and indicators


- Basir Salary : SR 5500/-